Lilly Profile Thumb


7 hours ago

hallways and stairwell are always dirty and covered in dog pee. disgusting that residents dont clean up when their dogs pee on the stairs and act like they didnt see it

Brianna Profile Thumb


12 hours ago

Great. Love the apartment. I am on the fourth floor so not alot of people are coming and going. We recently got new furniture so everything is new. Only thing I dislike is the wifi can be very spotty and at times has gone out when I have been in the middle of class on zoom.

Kyrie Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Staff is super nice and I love the area cause I can walk to campus. I like the access I have for my dog and everyone I’ve met in passing is super nice.

Dashanique Profile Thumb


14 days ago

No complaints, other than the elevator smelling like urine at times before being cleaned. Other than that, rooms are good . And not a troubled community

Raechal Profile Thumb


16 days ago

I am excited because this is my first experience paying rent month to month, and it makes me feel like I'm growing up to become a responsible adult. I feel blessed that I have respectful roommates, as well as being in walking distance from my school. I don't like the fact that almost every time I use the elevator or take the stares that there is always something new like entire tree branches or meals left around. Overall, I am very appreciative, and I am glad that I have yet to have a displeasing moment with the staff in the front office.

Gianna Profile Thumb


25 days ago

Very friendly staff! They are making good changes for the club house and giving rewards and incentives to residents but needs better roommate pairing for future residents

LaDaysha Profile Thumb


26 days ago

I’ve been staying here going on 3 years. I’ve been here under 3 managements. Some requests get fulfilled and some don’t but I’d assume that’s everywhere. I wish the roommate/unit preferences were more abided by.

Bernard Profile Thumb


26 days ago

Best move I've made since moving to SC 3+ years ago. Been here since April '21 & have loved every minute here. The office staff is professional, personable, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Can't beat all the amenities here.